How to Find Out What Time You Were Born ?

1. Locate Your Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is the most reliable source for your exact birth time. If you don’t have a copy, request the long-form or full version from the vital records office where you were born. This document will list your birth time, usually to the nearest minute.

2. Contact the Hospital

If your birth certificate doesn’t have the time, call the hospital where you were born and ask to see any records that may have your birth time recorded. Hospital staff can search their archives for this information.

3. Ask Your Parents or Caregivers

Your parents or anyone else present at your birth may remember the approximate time, even if not the precise minute. While not as accurate as official records, their recollection can help narrow it down.

4. Search Old Family Records

Look through old family documents like baby books, photo albums, diaries, family bibles, etc. for any notes on your birth time. Some families maintain records with this information.

5. Consult an Astrologer (Last Resort)

As a last resort, you can have an astrologer “rectify” your birth chart based on significant life events to estimate your birth time. However, this process is subjective and not as reliable as official records.The key is to start with your birth certificate or hospital records, as they will have the most accurate birth time. Asking family and searching old documents can provide clues if official records are unavailable. With persistence, you should be able to determine the time you entered the world.

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