Kim Carton: Unveiling the Untold Story of Her Life and Career

Kim Carton is an American entrepreneur and the ex-wife of Craig Carton, a well-known radio and TV personality. She became widely recognized due to her marriage and the high-profile divorce that followed Craig’s wire fraud scandal. This blog will delve into Kim’s personal life, career achievements, philanthropic activities, and current status.

  • Introduction to Kim Carton’s background and prominence.
  • Highlight the significant events in her life, such as her marriage, career, and philanthropy.
  • Set the stage for a detailed exploration of her life.

Early Life and Education

Kim Carton was born in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, in 1985. While she keeps much of her early life private, some details are known.

  • Family Background: Kim’s family was supportive, helping her lay the foundation for her future success. They valued education and encouraged her ambitions.
  • Education: Kim attended Abington Senior High School, where she showed academic promise. She later pursued a degree in business administration at the University of Maryland, driven by a keen interest in business. Additionally, she studied law at Drexel University in Philadelphia, showcasing her diverse interests and dedication to education.
  • Early Aspirations: Initially, Kim was interested in becoming a lawyer, but her passion for business ultimately took precedence.

Career Achievements

Kim Carton’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to significant achievements in her professional life.

  • Founding “Valley”: In September 2013, Kim and her friend Jackie co-founded a clothing shop named “Valley.” The idea emerged from their frustration with having to travel long distances to find the clothes they wanted. They envisioned a local shop that offered stylish and unique clothing items.
  • Business Journey: “Valley” quickly gained a reputation for its curated selection of fashionable clothing. Kim’s keen business acumen and dedication played a crucial role in its success. The store became a popular destination for fashion enthusiasts in the area.
  • Challenges and Successes: Like any business, “Valley” faced challenges, but Kim’s resilience and strategic thinking helped navigate these obstacles. The shop’s success is a testament to her hard work and entrepreneurial mindset.

Philanthropic Activities

Kim Carton is known for her charitable endeavors, especially those focused on helping children.

  • “Tic Toc Stop” Charity: In collaboration with her then-husband Craig, Kim co-founded the “Tic Toc Stop” charity. The organization is dedicated to supporting children with Tourette syndrome and their families. This cause was particularly close to their hearts, as their son was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.
  • Charity Work: The charity not only provided direct support to affected families but also funded scientific research into Tourette syndrome. Kim’s involvement in the charity highlights her commitment to making a positive impact on society.
  • Other Initiatives: Kim has participated in various other charitable activities, consistently showing her dedication to giving back to the community.

Marriage to Craig Carton

Kim’s relationship with Craig Carton played a significant role in her public life.

  • How They Met: Kim and Craig met during their college years through a mutual friend. Their connection was instant, and they began dating shortly after meeting.
  • Key Moments in Marriage: The couple married in 2003 in a private ceremony attended by family and close friends. They moved to Denver, where Craig secured a morning slot on KBPI, achieving significant success with his top-rated show. They had four children together: Anthony, Lucky, Sonny, and Mickey.
  • Family Life: Despite Craig’s demanding career, the couple worked hard to balance their professional and personal lives. They were a seemingly happy family until Craig’s legal troubles began.

Craig Carton’s Scandal

Craig Carton’s legal troubles had a profound impact on the family.

  • Details of the Scandal: In 2017, Craig was arrested for his involvement in a wire fraud scheme, which defrauded investors of around $5 million. He was part of a Ponzi-like ticket-selling scheme, which shocked many given his public persona.
  • Kim’s Reaction: Rumor has it that Kim hired a private detective due to suspicions of infidelity. The scandal not only exposed Craig’s fraudulent activities but also brought personal issues to the forefront.
  • Impact on Marriage: The legal troubles strained their marriage significantly. Craig’s arrest and subsequent conviction led to a three and a half year prison sentence. Kim, already preparing to file for divorce, was deeply affected by the scandal.

Divorce and Aftermath

The scandal led to the dissolution of Kim and Craig’s marriage.

  • Timeline of Divorce: Kim filed for divorce in 2019 amidst Craig’s legal turmoil. The divorce proceedings were swift, given the circumstances surrounding Craig’s arrest.
  • Custody Arrangements: Despite the divorce, Kim and Craig agreed to share custody of their four children. The arrangement aimed to provide stability and support for their children during a tumultuous period.
  • Life Post-Divorce: After the divorce, Kim focused on her business and raising her kids. She stepped away from the public eye, dedicating herself to providing a stable environment for her children and growing her business.

Current Status

Kim Carton continues to manage her business and take care of her children.

  • Business Focus: Kim has dedicated her efforts to expanding “Valley.” Her business acumen and dedication have kept the store thriving, even amidst personal challenges.
  • Public Appearances: Kim maintains a low public profile, focusing on her private life and business. She occasionally participates in community events and charity work but prefers to stay out of the limelight.
  • Net Worth: As of December 2023, Kim Carton’s net worth is approximately $4 million. Her financial stability is a result of her successful business ventures and prudent management.


In this section, we will wrap up Kim Carton’s journey by summarizing key aspects of her life and highlighting her resilience and accomplishments.

  • Summarize Kim Carton’s Journey: Recap her early life, educational background, and initial aspirations. Highlight her transition into a successful entrepreneur and her significant business achievements.
  • Highlight Resilience and Achievements: Emphasize how Kim overcame personal challenges, including her high-profile divorce and Craig Carton’s scandal, to maintain and grow her business. Her ability to navigate these difficulties demonstrates her strength and determination.
  • Emphasize Contributions to Business and Philanthropy: Reflect on Kim’s entrepreneurial success with her clothing store “Valley” and her charitable work, particularly with the “Tic Toc Stop” charity. These contributions showcase her dedication to both her professional and personal life, as well as her commitment to giving back to the community.

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Is Kim Carton an actress?

No, Kim Carton is an entrepreneur known for her clothing store and charitable work.

Are Kim and Craig Carton still together?

No, they divorced in 2019 following Craig Carton’s legal issues.

How many children do Kim and Craig Carton have?

They have four children together: Anthony, Lucky, Sonny, and Mickey.

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