GEPRC MARK 5 Drone: Advanced Freestyle Drone with HD FPV

The GEPRC MARK 5 Drone, designed for freestyle flying, boasts a revolutionary HD FPV system and a wide X drone arm design for stability. Equipped with the GEP-F722-BT-HD V3 FC and optimized power system, it offers robust power and lightning-fast responsiveness. The HD Vista VTX system ensures clear FPV footage, while its anti-shake fuselage design enhances flight safety.

Changelog: May 6th, 2024: Upgraded to GEP-F722-BT-HD V3 FC for seamless Bluetooth connection.

Feature Highlights:

  • Aluminum alloy side panels for durability and visual appeal
  • Built-in Bluetooth for mobile parameter adjustments
  • Wide X drone arm design for stability and agility
  • RunCam Link VTX for clear, stable FPV footage
  • GEP-BL32 50A 96K 4IN1 ESC paired with GEPRC 2107.5 motor for smooth flying
  • Unique anti-shake fuselage design for stability
  • Separate voltage and buzzer compartments for enhanced safety
  • Supports various cameras for versatile recording options


  • Model: MARK 5 Drone Analog Quadcopter
  • Frame: GEP-MK5
  • Wheelbase: 225mm
  • FC: GEP-F722-BT-HD V3 FC
  • ESC: GEP-BL32 50A 96K 4IN1 ESC
  • VTX: RunCam Link Wasp
  • Propeller: HQ Ethix S5 5×4×3
  • Motor: SPEEDX2 2107.5-1960KV (6S Version) / SPEEDX2 2107.5-2450KV(4S Version)
  • Weight: 385.0g
  • Receiver: PNP,TBS Nano RX,ELRS 915,ELRS 2.4G
  • Recommended Battery: LiPo 4S 1300mAh-1800mAh (4S Version) / LiPo 6S 1050mAh-1550mAh(6S Version)


  • MARK5 Analog Quadcopter
  • HQ Ethix S5 5×4×3 propellers
  • Battery straps and pads
  • Camera cage carbon top plate
  • 3D print mountings combination
  • Action camera mount holder
  • Set of screws and screwdrivers
  • Antenna fixed tube

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